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5 Best French Colony in India

There isn’t one travel freak soul that doesn’t dream about going to France one day. The excellence, culture, and greatness of France are charming for nearly anyone and everyone. Yet, venturing out to France may not be plausible for us all, given our tight timetables and financial plans. Then, where do we go? On the off chance that not France, we can go to the pleasant French Colonies in India. We as a whole know the French colonized India. Whenever the French left India, they left a substance of France in these French Colonies and the present India values something similar.

It is actually the case that the previous French Colony in India was assembled at Surat and Machilipatnam in late 1600. Later on, the Dutch and British assumed control over these spots. Yet, the French impact stays by and large. Today, on the off chance that you are to name the most popular French Colony in India, what name will strike a chord? Pondicherry? Normal. Be that as it may, a few more unexpected, yet invaluable treasures improve the rundown of the must-visit French settlements in India. We should go for a stroll through the French provinces in India!

French Colony
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You more likely than not read this name before in light of the fact that Mahe is the littlest locale of India. Yet, did you have any idea that it is likewise one of the French Colonies of India? You will have many looks at French culture here. However, that is not all! The true French culture of the spot has gone through a touch of mix with the Local Kerala culture and has made an amicable blend.

Mahe is a normally wonderful scene, on account of its area on the western shore of India. A great reality? Mahe remains at the mouth of the Mahe waterway and the name. Mahe’s French culture might have gotten adjusted over the long haul, however you can keep on partaking in the normal and social excellence of this spot. Trust us, the blending of French and Malayali culture gives a delightful touch to this previous French province in India.

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In the event that pressure is making your life turn horrible, what you presumably need is an undisturbed get-away. Karaikal of Tamil Nadu will do the occupation impeccably! How? A lovely Indian French state is quiet, peaceful and consequently fills in as an optimal spot for some unique explorers. The lovely and tranquil scene of this spot will assist you with saying farewell to stretch. The days are blustery and nightfall’s are delegated with awesome perspectives. What else do you need!

What about a stroll through the historical backdrop of this spot? Allow us to walk you through it! This port city was a French home back in the years 1739-1954. Such a significant stretch of rule has for sure affected the way of life of the spot tremendously. In any case, you will get more than French impact. Thinking about what? All things considered, it’s additionally got a lot of sanctuaries and nights brimming with aarti reciting.

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Chandan Nagar:

The vast majority of us have caught wind of the city of happiness, Kolkata. However, would you say you are mindful that there exists a French settlement in India just 30 km away from the city of Kolkata that actually gets booked awards from the French government? Indeed, we are discussing Chandan Nagar. Chandan Nagar is perhaps the most well-known and immaculate French settlements of Indium.

At the point when the whole Bengal was taken over by the Britishers, this city alone made due to be a French Colony. The unassuming community has such a lot of French people in itself and mirrors an extraordinary energy. The euphoria and the tranquil serenity of the town will hypnotize you. What’s more, guess what? Chandan Nagar has likewise been a seat of unrest. Situated on the banks of the river Hooghly, the town has a totally noteworthy clothing that depicts French culture at its ideal.


Next on our rundown is Yanam or as brought in French, Yanaon. Another beachside French province in India that will hypnotize you with the captivating waves, tall coconut trees, mangroves, regular excellence, charming scene. What upgrades the normal excellence of this spot is the place of Yanam at the shores delta of the Godavari and the lofty Bay of Bengal.

Coming to the French impact. Yanam will welcome you with a captivating French culture. In spite of the fact that it was just about 200 years prior, the delayed stay of French pioneers in this spot is exceptionally clear from the way of life, food, and way of life of the Yanam local people. Before you ask, indeed, Yamon is situated in Andhra Pradesh. Thus, the vast majority of individuals in Yanam presently communicate in Telugu. In any case, socially, the spot is a blend of both Telegu and French. How about we simply say, the material of Yanam is a lovely blend of French culture, Telugu culture and ocean side magnificence.

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Everybody who is looking for French settlements in India definitely knows the name of Pondicherry. Pondicherry is a notable name on this rundown and is an incredible illustration of French culture in India, while it’s likewise inseparable from the best French state in India.

Time for certain realities! The French East India Company had set up their head exchanging focus Pondicherry. You would be shocked to realize that the bigger populace of Pondicherry is French by beginning. Any individual who has been to Pondicherry realizes that the way of life and food reflect French impact enormously. Indeed, even the parts of city arranging in Pondicherry precisely look like those found in France. What’s more, indeed, they call their roads by French Names. It is obviously that assuming you need a brief look at French culture and pure French Vibes, Pondicherry, the last French state in India, is your objective!

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