Car Damage

Car Damage Claim Or Yourself Pay?

It has consequences for car insurance if you claim car damage on the insurance. It will cost you claim-free years. The effect of the claim may result in the premium being higher in the following insurance year. When can it be out to claim, and when not?


Premium Car Insurance

The premium for car insurance strongly depends on the claiming behavior. By driving without damage, you build up damage-free years. When claiming car damage on the insurance, you hand in claim-free years. If the insurer can recover the paid-out damage from a culprit, it has no consequences for the premium of the car insurance.

How Sit The Of The Damage Free Years?

After one insurance year without car damage, you get one claim-free year. Claim-free years entitle you to a discount on the premium. The discount on the premium can be up to 75% or even higher with some insurers. When causing a car damage, the insurer must compensate the damage. In the year of the claim you do not build up a claim-free year, but you lose several claim-free years. One claim can reduce the discount by tens of percentages. This means that it is not possible to claim small amounts of damage.

Which Damages To Go At Charge By You Damage Free Years?

This happens when you make a claim on your car insurance. For example, you do not give way to a car and cause car damage. The fault is attributable to you, so the damage of the other party is claimed by your car insurer. Are you WA hull insured? Then you will also be paid for your own damage. Damages insured under the WA limited hull are not charged to your claim-free years. This is the case, for example, in the event of broken windows, theft of the car, and collisions with stray animals. Car damage that your insurer pays out and then recovers from someone else will not cost you any claim-free years.

How Much Goes The Premium Up Ward Sifter An Injury?

This varies by the insurance company. It differs per insurer how much discount you receive depending on the claim-free years. It also makes a big difference whether you have a few claim-free years or more than 10. To give you an impression, we assume a random large insurer. For the sake of clarity, the costs and insurance tax have not been taken into account.

Did you also have car damage in the previous example? Then it was a different story. Suppose you also had damage of €650 yourself. The total cost of claims would then be €1,300. In that case, you can of course claim for damage.

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