Olive Oil

Chocolate Cake with Olive Oil

As I promised in my Instagram stories, I am uploading the recipe for the chocolate cake with olive oil at this moment and of course, I am eating a good piece heh. It is a deli and I know that you will be happy with this delicious preparation, and it is also super easy to make. With ingredients that are not complicated, they will be able to have something simple and full of flavor to share for tomorrow, which is celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

The best thing is that today, to make this type of chocolate cake with olive oil, we have all the ingredients at hand in supermarkets. There is more and more supply with different types of flours, sugar, etc. So, if you get creative or have a special preference, try another flour or sugar, you may be surprised. For example, I tried this recipe by replacing sugar with panela, the result was a moister cake. In any case, the two were very, very rich.

The same with the types of chocolate, now that there are several good brands for confectionery, we can try different percentages of cocoa. Because it must be said, we have excellent cocoa in Ecuador and they are working on it very well.

This cake can be served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or Greek yogurt. Enjoy it very much this February 14. A big hug!!


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