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Corporate and Private detectives in Spain

We have been obtaining evidence and legitimate information for our corporate and private clients long time. Our team of private detectives in Spain carries out surveillance, monitoring, economic investigation, risk reports, anti-fraud, location of missing persons, search for people, and legitimate installation of hidden cameras to obtain evidence and investigations to support legal proceedings.

Private detective
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We act in accordance with the legitimate interest of our clients, resolving their doubts by obtaining the necessary information for their business or private decision-making and in them defines during legal proceedings. Our reports are provided in court, and it is our duty to ratify them before the corresponding judge. The private detective is a qualified witness, so our investigations have a higher probative value. We are a detective

ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP under the corresponding official license granted by the Ministry of the Interior, strictly complying with the regulations that regulate private investigators in Spain. Likewise, given our experience, we have extensive knowledge of the regulations of other countries to carry out our international investigations with diligence and effectiveness. We collaborate with other international detectives in investigations of all kinds.

Private investigation is necessary for all areas: labour, business, personal, family, and legal. We differentiate ourselves from the rest of the detective agencies thanks to our more than twenty years of experience, being recognized with two honourable mentions, maintaining confidentiality, seriousness, and commitment to our clients.

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There is a wide range of services in the field of private investigation, these being the main ones:

Investigation of infidelities, the behaviour of children, locating people, obtaining evidence in child custody proceedings, detection, and monitoring of addictions such as gambling or alcoholism, investigation of compliance with lease contracts, investigation of fraud, possible unfair competition, monitoring of workers on temporary leave, verification of injuries and consequences, detection of illegal wiretapping, investigations of industrial property of patents and trademarks.


If your partner resides or travels anywhere in Spain, with friends, or on a business trip, our detectives can inform you of all their movements in the area: places they visit, hours of life, and the companies they frequent. With this truthful information and with numerous videos and photographs, you will be able to check if your behaviour is appropriate.

Stop suffering thinking about what may be happening, check it truthfully and professionally, our team of detectives in Spain will keep you informed of the reality in detail.


In recent years, the number of people hiding in places like Marbella, Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, and the rest of Spain, where the high number of foreigners makes them go unnoticed, has grown alarmingly. If the person you are looking for is in Spain, our team of private detectives in Spain will locate them and obtain evidence for you of their place of residence.


If your potential partners, suppliers, or clients are in Spain, we can offer you the information you need for your decision-making. Our team of detectives and mystery clients will assist you in providing information from the place. Do not blindly trust the information they provide you, check it with our research service.

If you want truthful information, hire ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP, our team of detectives is serious and efficient and our commercial team will assist you personally, before and during the investigation, 24 hours a day.

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