Darjeeling Weather And Best Time To Visit Darjeeling

Arranging A Trip To Darjeeling?

Here is a preview of Darjeeling’s climate and the best opportunity to visit Darjeeling. Darjeeling in West Bengal is one of India’s most notable slope stations, renowned for its beautiful encompassing. The city is situated at 2042 meters above ocean level. It is encircled by the Kanchenjunga range and most vacationers visit here to see the elating perspective on these great pinnacles. You can likewise partake in the renowned tea bequests found all over Darjeeling.

The city sees countless vacationers and the number continues to expand every year. The summers are genuinely breezy and charming, while the storms are unwinding with the dim mountain air and rains. In winters the temperature fluctuates from 6-18 degrees Celsius and the spot is amassed with travelers as a result of the ideal weather patterns. Peruse on for a definite aide of Darjeeling climate and the best opportunity to visit Darjeeling.

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Summer (April to June)

This is the pinnacle season for vacationers in Darjeeling as the climate right now stays lovely. The temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius which is ideally suited for touring and partaking in the magnificence of the slope station. Light cotton garments are all that could possibly be needed for this climate.


Rainstorm (July to September)

During storms, the city faces weighty precipitation which might cause avalanches in specific regions. Be that as it may, on the off chance that weighty downpours don’t discourage you, this might be a great opportunity to visit the spot to partake in the lavish green magnificence which compensates for a few truly extraordinary pictures assuming you care for photography. The temperature changes from 13 to 19 degrees Celsius.

September is viewed as a great chance to visit Darjeeling as the downpours begin to die down and the weather conditions turn out to be more unsurprising with relatively less precipitation. After the showers, the valley looks green and refreshingly lively.

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Winter (October to March)

Winters start in late October. A consistent chill slips over the valley and the temperature shifts between 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. While the mornings can be cold for some, the evenings are wonderful with the daylight. There are plenty of travelers here for the new Year and Christmas festivities. This season can become a lot for the people who are not acclimated to slope winters so play it safe.

Despite the fact that Darjeeling never sees snowfall, the temperature actually plunges to – 2 degrees Celsius. The shops and diners frequently close somewhere around 8 p.m. as nobody needs to be out in the open late around evening time. Assuming you are conveying the right woolens, this is the ideal climate for that heartfelt stroll around the city under the stars.


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