Ecuadorian reheated

The Ecuadorian reheated or also known as Celentano, is one of the most famous and typical breakfasts of the Ecuadorian coast, especially in the city of Guayaquil where the custom of eating rice with stew, was until a few years ago at least, dinner daily, without exaggeration, yes, rice was eaten with different types of stew every night. In this way, with what was leftover, the next day it was used to eat for breakfast and it was accompanied by different things, such as fried eggs, chorizo, ripe banana, or paracones. Definitely, a substantial and succulent dish to leave you satisfied for a long time.

I wanted to revive this spectacular plate, right now that we are in this month of July, the month that the founding of Guayaquil is celebrated, and where it is important to bring back old customs because it is a duty of all to rescue the recipes that have accompanied us for generations. I have put a lot of my harvest, so here each one can change or adapt to their liking

I adore beans in all their forms, the different types of beans (beans or beans) that there are (choli bloom, red bloom, canaries, paramita, black, etc), as well as chickpeas. Because here at home, we eat this grain stew once a week, but we obviously vary and we usually do it on Mondays, where I like to follow the meatless Monday trend.

What should never be missing is a cup of old coffee, it is essential to complete this Ecuadorian breakfast. In addition, with the coffee boom that we are experiencing, with so many options of different varieties and roasts, the market is very assorted and it is really a delight to try the many options that there are.

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