Wearing A Mask

Five Tips To Prevent Your Glasses From Fogging Up When Wearing A Mask

No More Foggy Glasses With A Mask

In the Corona era, wearing a mask was not optional in many situations, such as public transport. That’s not a problem, but for those of us who wear glasses… it’s not great. Wearing a mask means breathing hot air that clouds your glasses. Fortunately, there are some great tips to help prevent this from happening while wearing a mask.

How To Wear A Mask?

Before going into the tips for preventing your glasses from fogging up, it’s essential to know how to wear a mask properly. First of all, you must wash and dry your hands thoroughly. You will then take the show by the elastics without touching the act itself. Then put the straps behind your ears, and when you take the cover off again, only feel the rubber bands. Store cloth masks in a closed plastic bag and do not store new and used shows together. Do not put uncovered masks in your purse; this could cause the virus to spread. In this case, the virus could infect the rest of your belongings.

Tips For Avoiding Foggy Glasses

The glasses fog up because you breathe through your mask. This allows warm, humid air to escape through small openings, including those located under the eyes. The hot air rises and passes behind the lenses of your glasses. The result? Misty and annoying glasses that constantly need to be dried with a lens cleaning cloth. Menten one of the following tips to avoid continually having to dry your glasses.

Dishwashing Liquid

A helpful tip to keep your glasses from fogging up is to use dish soap. Place a small drop of dishwashing liquid on the lenses and rub well with a cleaning cloth for glasses (especially inside). You can place your glasses in a clean foam solution before washing the dishes.

Shaving Cream

Another option is to use shaving foam on the lenses of your glasses. Put some shaving foam on the glasses. Using a cloth, apply it to both sides of the glasses. Let sit for a while before washing them in hot water.

Use A Different Mask.

Didn’t these tips work for you? Your mask may not fit snugly over your nose. In this case, you can use a show with a metal strip that you can adapt to the shape of your nose. This band prevents hot air from escaping from the mask.

Wear Your Mask Correctly.

It takes a little getting used to, and many people don’t wear their masks properly yet. Try to put on the show as close to your eyes as possible while wearing it as low as possible on your nose. This is another way to keep your glasses from misting up too quickly.

Don’t Touch Your Glasses Too Often.

For some people, it’s a habit to touch their glasses constantly. When wearing a mask, try to do it as little as possible. It will prevent hot air from entering under the lenses after touching your glasses.


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