How to Use a Free Grammar Checker

English is a tricky language, especially for those just learning how to write. Often, the active and passive voices are used in the same sentence, but the emphasis is on different people and actions. Incorrect use of the active or passive voice leads to mistakes. A grammar checker online will help you spot active/passive issues. The next time you write an article, consider using a free grammar checker. There are several different options available, including Grammarly, Ginger Keyboard, and Grammarchecker.

Grammarchecker is a free grammar checker

There are many benefits of using a grammar checker, and Grammarchecker is one of them. Its free version allows you to check over limitless characters for errors. It detects stylistic elements as well as common mistakes and offers correction suggestions. You can even use Grammarchecker as a free proofreader to correct your document. It is also compatible with most web browsers, and you can add it to your desktop application if you’d like.


Ginger Keyboard is a free grammar checker

Ginger Keyboard is a free grammar check application that helps you proofread your writing. It is easy to use and install. The tool flags mistakes and shows you why they’re mistakes. It also includes links to videos explaining common errors. The app also gives you a score to gauge how much you’ve improved. It’s recommended for writers who write on social media and in emails. But the program isn’t perfect for fiction writers.

Virtual Writing Tutor is a free grammar checker

If you’re an English as a Second Language writer, Virtual Writing Tutor may be the best tool for you. This tool will give you feedback for your written work, helping you eliminate common errors and improve your word choice. It can also help you improve your writing by helping you to self-assess your target structures. While the grammar checker is not designed to help you publish professional-quality work, it can help you improve your writing skills and improve your grades.


You may be interested in learning more about how a Free Grammar Checker works and how you can use it to improve your writing. There are many different types of grammar checkers, including the ones available online, and it is important to choose the right one to suit your needs. While the Grammarly free version is limited, its premium counterpart is more comprehensive and includes a variety of features. This tool is useful if you need to check a lot of written work at once, and it can be used to improve your writing as you go.


Grammarly is an excellent and widely known grammar checker, which seamlessly integrates with your browser. Grammarly is also available as a desktop app and Word integration. A disadvantage of Grammarly is that it does not offer a lifetime membership. On the other hand, Whitesmoke integrates with more browsers than its competitors. It also offers templates that are professional and clean. This is a good choice for anyone who writes on a regular basis.


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