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Lataguri Tourism And Best Travel Guide

Arranging A Trip To Lataguri?

Here is a definite Lataguri travel industry and travel manual to assist you with arranging an essential occasion. Situated on NH 31 near Gorumara National Park in the Jalpaiguri area of North Bengal is the little yet unmistakable town of Lataguri. Food and convenience are promptly accessible here and travelers frequently make Lataguri their excursion place from where they set off on a mission to investigate the attractions like Chapmari Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Forest. Beforehand individuals visiting Gorumara needed to rely upon Lataguri for convenience. Presently anyway a large group of cabins has come up inside the timberland saves. Jeep safaris, elephant safaris, birding, and traveling are a portion of the fascinating travel industry exercises that vacationers can enjoy during their visit to Lataguri. Here is a piece of movement manual for seeing in Lataguri.

Via Air:

Lataguri doesn’t have its very own air terminal and needs to rely on Bagdogra Airport which is situated in Siliguri around 45 km away from Lataguri. Bagdogra is the main second air terminal in Bengal and a significant aerodrome in the northern piece of the state. Bagdogra gives air availability to the remote of the north. The air terminal is very much associated with the significant pieces of the nation like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and so forth there are private and public carriers offering customary types of assistance to and from Bagdogra. From the air terminal, individuals can take a taxi or transport to arrive at Lataguri.

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By Rail:

Lataguri doesn’t have a railroad station and the closest and most significant railhead is New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. Found a simple 50 km from Lataguri, New Jalpaiguri gives a rail network between various pieces of the Northeast and North Bengal with the remainder of the country. A huge number of express and superfast trains go through New Jalpaiguri. From the station, travelers can get a taxi or a transport to arrive at Lataguri.

By Road:

Without a railroad station and an air terminal, Lataguri is basically open by street. Situated on NH 31, it gives an incredible street network. Confidential transport organizations and state transports worked by the North Bengal State Transport Corporation assist with giving consistent drive among Lataguri and adjoining regions like Cooch Behar, Alipurduar, Chalsa, Malbazar, and Kolkata. Driving down to Lataguri can be wonderful for the sightseers.

Getting Around:

Lataguri is a modest community and it is easy to go around the spot. Vehicles and jeeps are effectively accessible and can likewise be organized by the inns or cabins. Investigating by foot is a close approach to getting to know the spot.

Summer (March to June):

Lataguri encounters warm and steamy summers. Temperatures increase consistently as the month’s progress and April, May, and June are the most sultry months of the time. Dampness is additionally high like the greater part of the spots in the plain. The agonizing intensity makes distress and makes it challenging for sightseers to venture out and investigate the region. It is debilitating and horrendous and is prescribed to abstain from visiting Latguri during the summer.

Rainstorm (June to October):

Lataguri has a long storm period and after the horrible intensity, the showers bring a truly necessary break. There are weighty deluges in August and September, which endangers touring. The primary fascination in Lataguri is Gorumara and Chapmari however during storms, all safaris are slowed down. The weather conditions keep on leftover awkward with a high measure of moistness. In the early rainstorm period, sightseers can design a visit when showers are not excessively weighty.

Winter (December to February):

Following the weighty storms, the weather conditions begin improving. The skies clear up and mists vanish. Durga Puja is commended in October with much grandeur and show. After the puja festivities, a light chill begins setting in. The weather conditions become lovely and agreeable. Mornings stay clear while the nights become very cold. It is a great opportunity to visit Gorumara and Chapmari as safaris continue and is a great opportunity to go creature locating.

Lataguri park
Lataguri park


Lying near the backwood areas of Chapman and Gorumara is the greatest benefit of Lataguri. For vacationers, the significant fascination is the jeep and elephant safaris that are directed inside the backwoods. They bring the vacationers profound into the wilderness for creature and bird spotting. Elephant safaris are extremely famous too as sightseers get a decent perspective on the encompassing woodland and they can wander into regions where jeeps can’t.


Chapman and Gorumara are notable for the wild creatures as well as for the various types of birds who have made these woodlands their home. It is an extraordinary chance for bird sweethearts to detect a few interesting and normal birds. Indian hornbill, radiant drongo, Asian heaven flycatchers, and sunbirds are found here as additionally a few types of transient birds like brahminy duck. Oriental Pied Hornbill, Asian Barred Owlet, Dollarband red, and dark stork are a portion of the winged wonders one goes over in Chapman.


From Lataguri vacationers can visit the Buxa Tiger Reserve and the Jayanti Mahakal caves that are situated on the banks of River Jayanti. Jayanti Mahakal Cave is a delightful spot with Sinchula slopes in the background and lavish plant life all around. There is a famous traveling trail from Jayanti Mahakal Cave to Buxaduar which is a 15 km venture. It takes travelers through the thick woods of the tiger hold and a seriously interesting excursion and a completely exhilarating encounter. Journeying devotees frequently set out for this trip to partake in the greenery, fauna, and beautiful magnificence.

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Outing to Murti Jaldhaka, Jalbong and Bindu:

There are various grand puts to visit on a road trip from Lataguri. Aside from the thrilling backwoods, there are a few different spots like the valley town of Jaldhaka and adjoining towns of Bindu and Jalbong, and the dazzling Murti River. Jaldhaka is situated on the banks of River Jaldhaka and is known for its crude regular excellence. There are a few delightful towns which sightseers can visit and find out about nearby practices and culture. Murti is a famous spot for picnickers encompassed by timberlands on the banks of River Murti. Singular minutes in the wild can be very helpful.

Eating in Lataguri

Lataguri gloats of fair convenience offices and spots to eat. While there are obviously no high-end food choices there are various great eateries that serve delightful feasts. Toward the finish of an exhilarating safari or traveling or following a long tiring day of birding, sightseers can indulge themselves with some heavenly spreads in Aranya Jungle Resort, Tripti café, and Rose Valley Lataguri Forest Retreat. Vegan and non-veggie lover dinners are accessible here to take special care of all.


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