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New Zealand Glamping with kiwi and kauri

Driving up a rock ranger service street in the totally dark with diminishing cellphone gatherings, we pondered where in the world we were going New Zealand. Through a latched door and across some homestead spans, at long last our objective became visible.

The warm shine coming from a safari-style material tent was an inviting reference point in the obscurity (despite the fact that I don’t know you would call it a tent as it was truly something significantly more lavish, yet I stray). At long last, we had shown up at Highfield River Retreat, our usual hangout spot for the end of the week.

Glamping in New Zealand

Glamping (excitement setting up camp) has enormously expanded in ubiquity as of late, with individuals looking for a rich escape with every one of the conveniences of an extravagant hotel. Disregard those defective pneumatic beds and overlap-out seats, glamping destinations are exceptional with anything you would expect to find in a retreat-style homestead.

We unfurled ourselves from the vehicle and energetically zipped open the tent entryway. Inside was a huge soft bed, a lounge chair, and, surprisingly, a crystal fixture (no, I’m dead serious). The bordering kauri lumber hovel contained the kitchen, comfortable seating, and a sizeable restroom with a flush latrine and legitimate shower.

What extravagance! Then we recognized the masterpiece – the open-air bath. On went the heated water and it was the ideal opportunity for a shower before bed. In spite of a couple of moths arriving in the shower (we were in nature, all things considered), it was superb sitting in the steaming water, a glass of red wine close by, paying attention to the crickets and the murmur of the close by the stream.

During the night we were flabbergasted to hear the call of different kiwi – New Zealand’s public bird and animal varieties that are in a weak state. It was a particularly phenomenal inclination to hear kiwi brought into the wild; it is such a unique case for city tenants like us to come into contact with our most popular local species.

We awakened to a crisp morning and heated up with espresso made in the camp oven alongside flapjacks finished off with honey collected from Highfield Farm’s own colonies of bees.

It was so peaceful sitting external the tent and heating up in the sun’s beams as they broke over the edge behind us. After breakfast, we flashed up the tent and traveled north to see a portion of Earth’s greatest living things: New Zealand kauri trees.

New Zealand
kauri in New Zealand

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Kauri: Gods of the timberland

New Zealand kauri is something else – these straight, huge trees with spreading crowns are extraordinarily great. Tane Mahuta is the biggest living kauri tree and is remembered to be the most established at the north of 2000 years of age. Te Matua Ngahere is the fattest. You don’t really acknowledge how gigantic these trees are until you see them in the tissue – they’re gobsmacking. How could something living get that enormous!?

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Tane Mahuta (above)

In the wake of staring at these divine forces of the backwoods (Tane Mahuta implies Lord of the Forest in Maori), we proceeded additional north until we arrived at the Hokianga Harbor. This harbor is edged by lethargic occasion towns on its southern shore and gigantic sand ridges on its northern shore. We had a flavorful lunch over the water at the Boatshed Cafe in Rawene – such a charming spot.

Back to the tent and the evening was spent perusing in the daylight – happiness! We had supper at the neighborhood bar, a genuine kiwi experience, complete with comical local people who had a couple of an excessive number of brews. After supper, we drove the brief distance to Trounson Kauri Park and strolled around a shrubbery track in obscurity for an hour in the expectation of seeing a kiwi. Sadly we didn’t see any in spite of the fact that we heard stores calling, however, we saw a fat possum (boo!) and an eel in a stream.

The following morning we snoozed and had an absorb the outside shower prior to heading back towards Auckland. What a loosening up end of the week! If by some stroke of good luck we could disappear to a Highfield River Retreat consistently…

Our most memorable experience of glamping (and trust us, this will not be our last – when we got once more into cellphone gathering we were looking into different destinations under Canopy Camping’s umbrella!) was such a delight. We cherished having an end of the week from the web and the city, and in the hedge, however with the special reward of such lovely extravagance.

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We completely suggest looking at a campsite close to you – and on the off chance that you’re in New Zealand most certainly look into Canopy Camping!

On account of Canopy Camping for supporting our end of the week at Highfield River Retreat. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. As usual, you’ll accept our fair suppositions, paying little heed to who is taking care of everything.


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