Rajmachi Tourism

Rajmachi Tourism And Travel Guide

Arranging A Trip to Rajmachi? Here is a point-by-point Rajmachi the travel industry and travel manual for assist you with arranging a noteworthy occasion

Rajmachi are unimposing slopes of the Sahyadri Mountain ranges in Maharashtra, a little separation away from the slope stations of Lonavala Khandala. The pinnacles which are viewed as the absolute best places for an ideal journeying and setting up camp experience are lavish, ripe slants on the summit of which stand probably the main signs of old Indian history. The seventeenth century fortresses or balekillas of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, having gone through the chronicles of history and time hold their deep-rooted heavenliness and brilliance.

The Rajmachi slopes which are at their marvelous best in the storm and winter months, have green covered undulating moving hazy covered slopes, profound gorges and little streams that wander their direction through the rough fissure as you climb uphill. Not far away are gleaming foamy cascades that snake their direction down the thickly forested slants.

Rajmachi Tourism
Photo: Hill Fort


In the event that you couldn’t want anything more than to visit Rajmachi which is a finished objective for a day’s outing, our movement and the travel industry guide ought to assist you with arranging a decent excursion.

Step by step instructions to Reach

Rajmachi is effectively open by street, however the closest metro urban areas of Mumbai and Pune offer simple access via air, rail as well as by street. The best method for arriving at Rajmachi would most likely be via air.

By Air:

The closest air terminal is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at Mumbai that serves both homegrown and global flights. You could likewise book an excursion by trip to the Lohegaon International Airport at Pune. A taxi from the air terminal could be employed to drive you to Lonavala or the base town at Rajmachi.

By Rail:

The nearest rail head is the Lonavala Railway Station that has most trains on the Mumbai – Pune course chugging in. So you would have the choice of trains that show up from most significant urban communities of the country. Enlist an auto cart or taxi from the rail line station to Udhewadi.


By Road:

Drive to Udhewadi or Fanasrai from Mumbai or Pune and climb the remainder of the way. There are MSRTC transports that handle between the significant urban communities of Mumbai to Lonavala.

Getting Around:

You could get auto carts or taxis till the base town at Rajmachi. The slope inclines are best traveled upto. Motorbikes can be ridden up to a level and traveled the remainder of the way.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

Rajmachi has an enchanting all during that time climate. Yet, the best times are supposed to be the long stretches of rainstorm.

Summer (March – June):

Summers are warm and admission far superior than the damp fields. Summers are great for journeying and photography; however, the period of May turns up a without a doubt more sweltering than different months.

Moonsoon (July – September):

Pre rainstorm long stretches of May and June are great for firefly journey. Storm turns the milieu a beautiful and rich spot ideal for photography, however the downpours could block long trips.

Winter (October – February):

The seasons turn cooler by November; however these are great months for traveling and setting up camp up on the slopes. Winter is additionally perfect for bird watching and travel to the touristy objections nearby.

What should be done

Journeying Trails:

Enjoy a climb up the Rajmachi slope to investigate the old posts of the past period, the old sanctuaries and to find yourself in the excellence of nature.

Camps on the slope:

In the event that journeying provides you with the joy of being in the midst of nature, setting up camp in a tent under the stars and a pit fire too, trading stories with companions, is one more magnificent experience to convey home.

Firefly Trek:

Get off on a well-known firefly journey in Rajmachi. The uneven inclines of the lavish Western Ghats are home to the fireflies that light up the night sky, with a large number of little lights. Take care that the little animals are not upset.

Wonders of Nature:

Sweet tunes of the birds, the smell of the wet earth and the downpour drops pattering on the leaves and the brilliant fountains sheeting down the slope slants make rainstorm months in Rajmachi an extraordinary spot to be in. Visit the cascade close to Rajmachi.

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Parks and Sanctuaries:

Assuming you couldn’t want anything more than to visit natural life parks, look at places like the Chandoli National Park, Dandoba Wildlife Sanctuary or Sagareshwar Deer Park that are under 100 kilometers from Rajmachi.

Journey up Lonavala Hills:

Simply a short drive away from Rajmachi post, journey up the bounteously green inclines of Lonavala’s tops to the old forts and sanctuaries.

Boat Rides:

Sail a boat on the tranquil waters of the Pawna Lake, probably the best thing to do in the event that you are cruising all over Rajmachi. Encircled by uneven pinnacles and the fantastic sight of the Tikuna, Lohagad and Tunga strongholds a good way off, the Pawna boat sail is an encounter to treasure.

Strawberries and Cream:

On the off chance that Rajmachi has brought you into visiting more slope stations dabbed around the open country, Mahabaleshwar with its rural setting and strawberry ranches where you could enjoy spots of strawberry and cream, is a should visit.


Spend an early rainstorm or winter morning at the Rajmachi Point, one of the most touristy spots of the slopes of Rajmachi, that bears the cost of a beautiful 10,000-foot perspective of the dales beneath and the ascent of the sun.

Audumber Datta Mandir:

Take a boat ride across the Krishna River to visit the prestigious sanctuaries of Audumber Dattatreya and Goddess Bhuvaneshwari at Audumber, close to Sangli. Loaded up with audumber trees and a delicately streaming waterway nearby, Audumber is an enchanting spot to visit.


Vacationers would normally end for the time being or stop for lunch or supper at the humble homestays or houses in Udhewadi town, where they could get Maharashtrian home prepared food like pithla bhakri, thandul bhakri, dal and rice or Matki chi bhaji. There are little inns where you could purchase conventional Maharashtrian food alongside noodles also.

Assuming that you are journeying as far as possible from Lonavala, there are various slows down on the way where you could get steaming hot tea along with vada pav or pakoras that are perfect on a rainstorm day. There are little slows down close to the Shrivardhan base town, where you could find local people selling lemonade on blistering summer days, alongside noodles and filtered water.


Rajmachi gloats of no shopping zones, however assuming you are going to additional spots around Rajmachi, you could stop at Karjat to purchase silver embellishments, garbage gems, crafted works, shoes and sacks and Mashru and Himroo which are perfect hand-woven cotton and silk textures, materials and saris and so forth, could be bought at Karad.

In the event that you are visiting slope stations like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala or Khandala you could purchase chikkis, new natural products, jams, juices, jelly, flavors, nuts and syrups, carefully assembled wooden stuff and Kolhapuri chappals. Satari Kandi Pedhe is a famous sweet in the town of Satara, so in the event that you are going through the town, look at for these scrumptious customary desserts.

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