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Successful Business Office Vs Nice Offices

Is This An Successful Business Office?

Today we want to ask ourselves the question, how much office space and its environment influence the success of an organization, and the answer is simple; one of the most influential factors for employees is physical conditions.

For this reason, we want to share with our audience the most important keys that, through 6 years of experience and more than 1,000 rented offices, the most demanding clients ask Propiedades el Roble to search.

More Open Spaces And Fewer Offices:

Some time ago, offices with many offices, some meeting rooms, and few open spaces were sought, but now, due to the change in the way of working, offices with few offices, several meeting rooms and large open spaces are preferred. It starts from the idea that open spaces encourage creativity, communication between teams, and the birth of synergies.

In addition, the furniture also contributes to generating ideas and enhancing creativity, which is why large tables are used in which several people work.

Less Space Per Person And More Reconciliation:

As we have been able to observe in Propiedades el Roble, currently, the space per person in the offices has been reduced practically by half compared to what happened long ago. This is mainly due to the decrease in the number and size of offices, but also to the fact that remote work is encouraged to facilitate the reconciliation of professional and personal life, and the office with random positions is increasingly being implemented  ( for teams that spend more time away from the office), that is, no one has a fixed position, but positions are filled according to the needs of each moment.

Price Is Not The Only Thing That Matters:

At Propiedades el Roble we have observed that although a good quality/price ratio when renting an office is important for companies, other aspects are taken into account such as employee comfort, which is the highest priority, qualities, state of the office, the services it offers, the area in which it is located, the technology or energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is important.

Saving energy and protecting the environment are concerns of all companies. For this reason, at Propiedades el Roble we have observed that they are looking for offices that are efficient from the energy point of view. The orientation of the office, the reduction of the use of electricity, or the implementation of sustainable energies are just some of the aspects that are taken into account.

Good communications and easy access

An office has to be accessible above all for employees, but also for suppliers and customers. For this reason, when looking for an office,  companies look for places that are well connected by means of public transport (trains and buses) and with access to important communication routes (ring roads, access to the main roads, etc.).

The steps of the search process

As soon as you are clear about what type of office you are looking for and what requirements the perfect office must meet, you can start the search process that will have the following  phases :

  • Direct search or through a real estate consultancy specialized in real estate offices that meet your requirements. In the event that you choose to have a consultant help you, be sure to choose the best specialist in the areas that interest you. With their help, you will find your ideal office quickly and at the best possible price.
  • Visit the offices of your choice together with a technician who can assess their status, the need for works, and how to carry out the implementation. Real estate consultants usually perform this service as well, so it is advisable that you consult with them.
  • Assessment of all the offices that fit you and the conditions of the lease, the implantation works to be carried out, and the area.
  • Negotiation with the owner of the office and at Propiedades el Roble we give you support with this issue, to negotiate the conditions of the rental contract: rent, expenses, works, duration, guarantees, etc. In this case, it is important that you have the advice of a specialized rental agent to guide you on your rights and what is regulated by the current Urban Leasing Law. Remember that in-office rental contracts, the will of the parties prevail, so knowing first-hand with your agent what is done in the market will be very useful.
  • The signing of the rental contract. As soon as you have agreed on the content of each clause of the lease, it will be time to put it in writing and sign it. It is the simplest step if all the previous stages have been well managed.
  • Obtaining operating permits: Do not worry about this issue. At Propiedades el Roble we give you this service at no additional cost.

The search process ends with the signing of the contract, but then it is time to start your company in the new office where your real estate agent can help you if it provides this service.

If you have decided to find a new office, contact us. We will advise you and work tirelessly for you until we find the ideal solution for your company. While we do it, you can continue to dedicate all your energy to your business. 

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