Top 5 Online Retouching Image Programs

Top 5 Online Retouching Image Programs: Many of us work almost every day with images. Although we usually work with illustrations (for the most part) on the blog, there are other times when we include photographs. Surely all of you who have a blog know that the correct use of images helps to increase and get more visits.

In addition to having good text, which is essential, attractive images will attract readers. We all like to read, and the images accompanying the text are also a point in its favor. They encourage us to continue reading.

The power of images

Images are very powerful, and I already showed you some examples in which we could create impressive messages with retouching image and attractive typography. Our templates use images that attract attention and make the content more interesting. Thus, I think we agree on the importance of the image on a website. We have already seen some image banks from which we can extract images, in many cases with a free license to use in our work if you have your images, much better because that is how you are exposing your content.

Retouching Image: a professional job?

One of the problems we come across when we work with images is that, in most cases, they need some retouching image. Sometimes we have to resize it to occupy the width we want for our website, but other times we want to apply a different color or texture changes so that the result differs from the original and thus achieves a distinction.

Programs like Photoshop and Gimp are known to everyone. On a professional level, the adjustments that we can make with these programs have no limit, but they indeed pose two “problems”:

  1. Its use, although intuitive, is sometimes too complex to make small changes, such as resizing, cropping, or simple effects
  2. We need to have them installed on our computer to work with them. If we are on another computer, other than ours, we will no longer have these programs available.

For this reason, especially for point 2, I propose a list of programs that we can use online. As it is not necessary to download it to our computer, more efficient use of them is achieved. If we are working on the internet, we have to look for it and voila!

Online Retouching Photo programs

If we need a powerful program because we are dedicated to design or photography professionally, it may be that one of the ones on the list falls short. But for those of you who use amateur lever images, I promise you, and they will be of great help. Ricardo is the number one fan of one of them. Which one will he be?…

With all of them, we can apply effects, crop, resize… And some even have different versions (Express, Premium…) depending on the use we want to give it. They are much more intuitive and faster to handle than Photoshop or Gimp, which will allow you to use them more effectively. They are not heavy when opening and do not slow down our computer…. Let’s start!

Be funky

It is also an application that we can download on our mobile. With it, we can apply all kinds of effects in a simple way and gradients and pixelated in different ways.


An online program, with which we can achieve the same effects as the previous ones, with the peculiarity that we can apply HDR and collage effects very quickly. To use some options, you have to subscribe, but the free features are more than enough.

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Its control panel is similar to more complex programs but much more intuitive. For this reason, it loses some functionalities, but it keeps the most used ones.


Ricardo’s favorite platform! With it, you can get effects very similar to Photoshop, and if you don’t want it to be so complex, you can always use Pixar Express. We can apply different filters directly (similar to Instagram) and include text and emoticons. By having both versions, we can use it quickly with the Express or get functionalities similar to Photoshop with the normal one, with the advantage that it is online.

Pick monkey

Very similar to Pixar, but with fewer effects. We can apply specific effects automatically or manually. Also, crop or resize images.


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