What To Do Before Visiting Japan: A Guide for First-Timers

If you’re planning a trip to Japan [เที่ยว ญี่ปุ่น], this article will give you plenty of advice on how to prepare. This guide includes key information about the visa process, staying in touch with loved ones back home, and more!

What to wear

If you’re planning a trip to Japan, there are a few things you’ll need before setting off: an air ticket, a passport, and some money. 

Here’s what you should wear when visiting Japan:

Comfortable clothing that you can move in and breathe in: A good rule of thumb is to pack light and don’t bring anything that will restrict your movement. If it’s hot outside, bring sunscreen and insect repellent. 

Shoes: Athletic shoes or sandals will be perfect for walking around cities and rural areas, but they won’t be necessary if all you plan on doing is observing Japanese culture from afar. 

Shorts or skirts: If it’s summertime in Japan, consider wearing shorts or skirts instead of pants. You’ll be able to feel the breeze on hot days and look cute at the same time!

A T-shirt or tank top: You may want to dress more casually during the day if it isn’t too hot outside. Bring along a T-shirt or tank top so you can change into something more comfortable once you get inside a building or shrine.


Before you fly to Japan, be sure to pack your toiletries! You may be wondering what items are necessary for a Japan trip, and this list will help. 



-Bug repellent 

-Hair brush and hair ties 

-Shampoo and conditioner 



-Prescription medications (if required) 

-Sun glasses 

-Hat or sunglasses in the sun 

-Swimsuit(s) (if going swimming)


Things to pack

If you’re visiting Japan [เที่ยว ญี่ปุ่น]for the first time, be prepared with these things to pack: a passport, a Japanese driver’s license or ID card, an entry visa if required (depending on your nationality), cash in foreign currency and traveler’s checks, sunscreen, insect repellent, hats and sunglasses, toiletries such as soap and shampoo, a laptop with charger and an adapter if necessary, Japanese language books or DVD’s. 

Additionally, bring a camera to document your experiences in Japan. And don’t forget your sense of humor!


If you’re visiting Japan for the first time, it’s not too late to start planning your trip. Here are some tips for getting around, from booking flights and hotels to finding transportation to get you around.

Book Your Trip: 

There are a few things you’ll need before your trip: your passport and visa applications, confirmation numbers, and tickets. You can book these items online through agencies like Priceline or Expedia, or in person at travel agencies or department stores. Make sure to include all the information on your passport (date of birth, nationality, etc.), as well as the numbers of the flights and hotels you’ve booked. 

Plan Your Trip: 

Once you have all of your information together, it’s time to plan your itinerary. This includes figuring out what cities you want to visit and when. Try to avoid doing too many big trips all at once; instead spread them out over a few weeks or months so that you have more flexibility if something unexpected comes up. 

Get Around: 

When it comes to getting around Japan, there are a few options available to you. The most common way to get around is by using public transportation—particularly trains and buses in major cities—but there are also taxis and limousines available in some places. Figure out how much money each option will cost you before committing yourself; be sure to factor in the cost of tolls and parking fees as well. And remember that

Planning your trip

Planning your trip to Japan can seem daunting, but by following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a wonderful experience. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the culture and history of Japan before you go. Reading up on the country beforehand will give you a better understanding of what to expect and help make your trip more memorable. 
  2. Figure out what type of traveler you are. Do you want to visit major tourist destinations or explore off the beaten path? There are plenty of things to see and do in Japan, no matter what your interests may be. 
  3. Consider your budget and travel goals when planning your trip. Are you looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure? Think about how much money you’re willing to spend and which activities are most important to you. 
  4. Get organized. Storing all of your travel documents in one place will make everything much easier when it comes time to check in and book flights, trains, buses and hotels. 
  5. Learn some basic Japanese words and phrases before you leave home so that you can communicate with locals without incident. Not only will this save time during your travels, but it’ll also make everyone feel more welcome!


If you’re planning a trip to Japan, one of the first things you’ll want to do is find accommodation. This can be a bit tricky, but luckily for you, we’ve got a list of some great places to stay in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Tokyo: If you’re looking for high-end accommodations, check out the Ritz-Carlton or The Peninsula Tokyo. Both locations offer luxurious rooms and impeccable service. For budget-conscious travelers, there are plenty of options available in Tokyo as well. You can stay in a hostel or Airbnb rental, or stay with friends or family in their home. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure to research the area you’ll be staying in before booking your accommodation so that you don’t end up paying more than necessary. 

Kyoto: If luxury is what you’re after, head over to The Suites House Kyoto for some seriously swanky digs. Or if location is more important to you, consider checking out The Imperial Hotel Kyoto which is located right at the heart of the city. With everything from studios to large apartments available online and in person, finding an accommodation in Kyoto shouldn’t be too difficult. Just remember that during peak tourist seasons (like New Year’s and Golden Week), prices can skyrocket!

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Activities & Attractions

Before visiting Japan, it’s important to know what kinds of activities and attractions are available. Here are some ideas: 

-Take a stroll through Tokyo’s neon-filled streets: Start at the Imperial Palace and walk towards Shinjuku, where you can visit the Kabukicho district with its numerous brothels and bars. 

-Visit one of the country’s famous shrines or temples: Kyoto has several popular Buddhist temples, such as those at Kinkakuji and Hiei; Nara has Mount Myoboku and Nikko National Park, which features beautiful views of the surrounding countryside; or Kamakura has Kenrokuen Garden, a well-known spot for cherry blossom viewing. 

-Witness Japan’s traditional dances and music in performance: There are plenty of opportunities to see performances by Japanese artists both in major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka and in rural areas. 

-Enjoy a ride on an express train: With more than 1,000 miles of track, Japan boasts some of the world’s most scenic railways.

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